Saturday, November 22, 2014

halfway there (8:00 pm!)

Well, I'm halfway through this year's Blogathon! I spent my time between posts on a quick walk to the front of our neighborhood to check out the Christmas lights that they've begun to put up. It rained on us on the way back, but the power walk home through the rain was a little invigorating!

So far, this Blogathon is the most successful one I've done to date. We have raised the most amount of money and I've had the most donors. At a frustrating time when it feels like no one wants to talk about loss, no one wants to deal with it, no one wants to hear about it anymore and everyone just forgets, it feels good to have all of this support for every parent who is grieving in this world tonight. Even now, halfway through the Blogathon, donations keep popping up and I know our voices are being heard.

I want to be Wylie's voice, the voice that was taken from her. I want to be her voice and do good in her memory. And through this journey, I've met so many other parents who are wanting the same: to speak on behalf of their children who are gone too soon and do good for them. In the next few entries, I'll be sharing some more insight on loss through the words of other bereaved parents who I am honored to know. If there is anything you want the world to know about your loss, about grief, please e-mail me - I would love to feature your words, too. I myself am only equipped to speak about my stillbirth experience, but I know there are grieving parents out there who have said goodbye at all different times and yet always too soon.

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