Saturday, November 22, 2014

it's getting dark outside (5:30 pm)

I can't believe it's getting dark outside. The day is going by so quickly. The tricky part is always the nighttime! I stopped at Target yesterday to stock up on goodies and caffeinated drinks that will hopefully get me through tonight! Sometimes I think motherhood prepared me for all-nighters, other times I just feel desperate for sleep! If anyone is up late, don't forget to stop by and leave me some comments! Interaction helps when the night gets so eerily quiet. (Netflix also helps. Anyone have any suggestions?)

Time to get dinner started and then come back at 6:00 with another raffle -- and kick things off for Blogathon night!

I will also put it out there -- is there anything you want me to post about? Anything you want to know about loss? Anything you would like to hear more about? Feel free to e-mail me - - if you would rather e-mail me than leave your comment. I am grateful for all of the e-mails and comments so far. Thank you for your support!

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