Saturday, November 22, 2014

grief through your words (10:00 pm)

"Loss, death, grief, bereavement. For many those are taboo words. They are scary and some think they are contagious. This fear of loss and lack of discussion ends up putting roadblocks into our journey. It makes a person who has experienced loss, especially loss of their child, feel isolated. It makes you not want to express your feelings. People think that if you talk about your loss too much you aren’t moving on and you are unhealthy. I feel the opposite. As long as it is not interfering with every aspect of your daily life it is good to keep your loss, your child, an active part of your life. I loved my daughter very much and it has changed me as a person, for the rest of my life. I want people to know that. To know that it wasn’t just a blip in my life that I can get over. I will never get over it. I will never “get back to my old self.” Things that once meant something, don’t and vice versa. People need to know that this happens a lot and it needs to be discussed and talked about and a part of lives. I’ve noticed a lot of TV shows lately having miscarriages and stillborns. It happens in one episode and by the next episode everything is A-OK and they’ve “moved on." So, although I am glad that it is being put on mainstream TV it is not showing the reality of what happens AFTER the loss. How to get through the rest of your life with out your child is what needs to be talked about and explored in the mainstream world. Loss and death need to be intertwined with love and life." - Krissy T.

I also would love for you to take a minute and read these blog posts by a new friend and fellow grieving mother, Rebecca:

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Thank you for sharing your words and grief with me. I am reading all of the e-mails that come in.

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